Monday, March 17, 2014

Breyers Gelato Indulgences

Have you tried the new Gelato Indulgences from Breyers? If you haven't, stop what you are doing right now, and RUN to your local grocer to pick some up. I am not kidding, they are that good. They are these amazing blends of rich, creamy gelato, deliciously mixed with gourmet toppings and luscious sauces. Heaven in a jar, I tell you! 

With that said, I am not an ice cream kind of girl. Sure, I won't pass up a trip to the local ice cream shop in the middle of a hot summer, but I certainly don't crave it, and I can easily walk down the frozen aisle at the store and not look twice at frozen treats. Lets just say that isn't the case anymore. 

I was given the opportunity (or ruination of me!! Ha!) to try two of the four amazing flavors of the new Gelato Indulgences. I was provided with the Vanilla Caramel and the Tiramisu. These were both equally amazing, but if I had to choose I would definitely go with the Tiramisu. Only because tiramisu is something I can't pass up on any occasion, and I felt like I was eating a piece while indulging in this gelato! Perfect blend of espresso, chocolate and mascarpone cheese. The Vanilla Caramel was delish as well, blending a perfect caramel sauce with a lovely vanilla gelato. If you are a caramel lover, this one is for you! 

Breyers Gelato Indulgences are also available in the following flavors, which I may just have to stop out to get because my taste buds are quite curious!  

  Raspberry Cheesecake: Cheesecake gelato with luscious raspberry sauce & gourmet graham crumble

  Triple Chocolate: Milk & Dark chocolate gelato with white chocolate sauce & chocolate curls

Breyers Gelato Indulgences™ will be available in a 28.5 oz. clear tub, showcasing the gelato with its luscious sauce and gourmet toppings, and will retail for a suggested price of $4.49-$5.99

*Disclaimer: All opinions listed above are all my own. I was not compensated for this post, only provided with samples of the product for my own reviews and opinions. 

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